Speak Easy concert at the old stomping grounds, in the black box theater in the new stupid L-S. - December 22nd, 2005

Allie Baldwin and Brother - December 21st, 2005

VOLSUNG RETURNS!!! Plays with Township Rebellion, Dixie Flatline, Red Scare gets busted as they are about to start playing. Fucking kids studying. Don't they know it's rock-time? - December 10th, 2005

Steel Reserve Barn Show. Brad, Scott, Glenn, Jeff rock out to a small crowd in the barn. Many vertical Pictures. - December 10th, 2005

MOUSTACHE PARTY!!!! and Adam's 21st. A group of 20esque of the most boisterous 1920s robber-barons gathered for moustaches and a VERY LOUD dinner in Harris, followed by a rockin good time in Smith, Branford, Knowlton, etc. Also, apparently Festivus. - December 10th, 2005

Tim and Brett come to visit, I take 4 pictures. - December 9th, 2005

Motivated for Ethical Animal Treatment's Vegetarian Dinner in Cro's nest. It was a swanky soiree. - December 9th, 2005

Buscemi Club III, then Mobroc Show in 1941, with: _____, Township Rebellion, Fred's band, and the hippy-jam-band. Rockin' good time, or at the very least friends playing instruments. Oh, and Free Beer. - December 8th, 2005

Magic Happens at 7am when I saw the snow was starting to fall. - December 4th, 2005

MOBROC Show, Cro's nest. Spastic Nerdbag, Dixie Flatline, Beastie Boys Cover Band, Un-named Metal Band (Steel Reserve?) - December 3rd, 2005

House Party!!! featuring live band: Speak Easy! (so good) Also featuring: j.Fo! and some kids from hampshire. And some pictures of recording at the end. - November 26th, 2005

Mission Hill Partying down with the crew. Talked to by cops (for a brief moment, nothing serious) but a good time nonetheless Many pictures. - November 25th, 2005

Earth House Party!!! featuring live band: Speak Easy! (so good) Also featuring: Kevin turning 21! and Travis coming! and Colin and Andy agreeing to it! and Rachel visiting, as well. Shame that certain people thought they had to have their own lame party, but I suppose some things can't be helped. - November 19th, 2005

Shelter benefit show, kicked my ass. Anna kaiper, meltzer, brenna and rosie, leanna, bigghigg, spastic nerdbag. SO DAMN GOOD, and also a katrina benefit show. - Nov. 11, 2005

HALLOWEEN. Earth House throws down, has itself a party-party. The hot spiced spiked cider dissapeared quickly, and there was music and dancing. I was Bashful, the dwarf from snow white and the 7 dwarves. - Oct. 29, 2005

SHAVED. Then, Rey's Birthday Party! (Happy 22nd!) Then, MOBROC Kicks Ass, but hopefully not in the dumb-jock way any more. Fucking kids bleeding. Then, Back to Smith. - Oct. 27, 2005

PKB comes up to visit, including Casey! Jeff's birthday party in Smith, followed by Earth House Party. - Oct. 22, 2005

Sex Toys and Masturbation, Oh My! Wildly Successful Fem Maj event. - Oct. 21, 2005

Anonymous Coke-Suited person passes out flyers about How bad Coke is.

Sir Ober the Galant's Birthday Keg (a.k.a. Andy Obirthday Keg), then Fred and Bri go at it. - Oct. 20th, 2005

Kevin's Hand, Jameson's Arm, Sunday of fall break.

Ever need like 20 pictures of Scott? This is the place. (There are pictures of everyone else, too.) Fun times in Boyan's room. - Oct. 8th, 2005

MOBROC Benefit Show for katrina-centered Charity. We Need Brains, Township Rebellion, and Dixie Flatline all played, and played well. UPDATED: Now with Pictures taken by Allison. - Sept. 29, 2005

Ultimate Keg, Smith, Linda's Birthday, Claire's 21st, Joanna's Birthday Party - Sept. 17th, 2005

Ryan's 21st Birthday Party! - Sept. 10th, 2005

aL-e and Joanna chilling in Earth House - Sept. 5th, 2005

Just another Thursday night - Sept. 3rd, 2005